AppDomain Class

Represents an application domain, which is an isolated environment where applications execute. This class cannot be inherited.



  • BaseDirectory   Gets the base directory that the assembly resolver uses to probe for assemblies.
  • CurrentDomain   Gets the current application domain for the current Thread .
  • DynamicDirectory   Gets the directory that the assembly resolver uses to probe for dynamically created assemblies.
  • FriendlyName   Gets the friendly name of this application domain.
  • Id   Gets an integer that uniquely identifies the application domain within the process.
  • IsFullyTrusted   Gets a value that indicates whether assemblies that are loaded into the current application domain execute with full trust.
  • IsHomogenous   Gets a value that indicates whether the current application domain has a set of permissions that is granted to all assemblies that are loaded into the application domain.
  • MonitoringIsEnabled   Gets or sets a value that indicates whether CPU and memory monitoring of application domains is enabled for the current process. Once monitoring is enabled for a process, it cannot be disabled.
  • MonitoringSurvivedMemorySize   Gets the number of bytes that survived the last collection and that are known to be referenced by the current application domain.
  • MonitoringSurvivedProcessMemorySize   Gets the total bytes that survived from the last collection for all application domains in the process.
  • MonitoringTotalAllocatedMemorySize   Gets the total size, in bytes, of all memory allocations that have been made by the application domain since it was created, without subtracting memory that has been collected.
  • MonitoringTotalProcessorTime   Gets the total processor time that has been used by all threads while executing in the current application domain, since the process started.
  • RelativeSearchPath   Gets the path under the base directory where the assembly resolver should probe for private assemblies.
  • ShadowCopyFiles   Gets an indication whether the application domain is configured to shadow copy files.